Long Island Old Post Office Building to Be Auctioned Off Online

The heirs of Louis Bobrow will try to sell a legacy property in Southampton on Auction.com next month, after many years of inquiries but no deals for the site.

The online auction, scheduled for Aug. 11-13, will be the first the online company has held for a property in the Hamptons, said Gabe Amzallag, an assistant vice president of Auction.com. The bidding starts at $750,000.

The property is the former Southampton post office at 39 Nugent St. and had been part of a portfolio of as many as 27 U.S. Postal Service office buildings owned by Mr. Bobrow, said his son, Norman Bobrow, the president of real-estate services company Norman Bobrow & Co.

Louis Bobrow, who died in 2006, had constructed some of those buildings; 10 post offices remain in the portfolio, which was inherited by 16 heirs.

“He was enamored by the post office because you have the government as your tenant,” Mr. Bobrow said of his late father.

The 6,746-square-foot building was built in 1955 with high ceilings in a colonial style, Mr. Bobrow said. Surrounded by banks, the property has a 20-car parking lot and more parking available on an adjacent property.

His father bought the site in the 1970s. The Postal Service outgrew the building and moved to a new location in 2009, Mr. Bobrow said.

Since the move, the family has been trying to sell the building. They dropped the initial asking price of $6 million to $5 million.

Department stores and furniture shops have looked at the building.

They were close to a deal with a major bank, but it didn’t work out, Mr. Bobrow said, who is hoping the auction will get the interest of several prospective buyers.

—Keiko Morris