Media Relations

Media publicity is one of the most powerful techniques to build public awareness of a company, an individual or a brand. At Zlokower Company we develop meaningful relationships with journalists to build a broad base of print, broadcast and electronic media coverage that is sustained over time. We understand how the media works and what makes a good story, and we customize a program to deliver your message effectively—the basic building blocks for a successful media relations campaign.

Publicity Content

Our print and electronic content is skillfully crafted, designed and executed with the utmost professionalism and aesthetic appeal. Whether the delivery mechanism is print or digital, press release, brochure, newsletter, website or social media, content prepared by Zlokower Company always displays the highest standard of communications.

Social Media

The way news travels changes every day. At Zlokower Company we understand the importance and effectiveness of spreading ideas and tapping into the different audiences brought by LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,YouTube and other channels. We are committed to finding creative ways to leverage new media to help our clients achieve their goals.


Speaking Engagements

Networking opportunities, image building and the chance to deliver messages straight to your chosen audiences are the strong benefits to a well thought-out speaking program. We find strategic opportunities to put our clients in front of targeted audiences by developing and executing a customized speaking program.


Special Event Support

Creating the right kind of event can serve multiple functions, from launching a successful sales campaign to building relationships with the community to improving your company’s bottom line. Our team is experienced and ready to provide support for special events of any kind.