Workbox Bookkeeping App Released for iPad
By Seth Fineberg

Apple has approved Workbox, a new app designed to allow users to run all bookkeeping functions directly from their iPads.

The app, developed by Workbox Software, is specifically focused on small businesses and independent contractors who may have accountants but not ready to use or afford QuickBooks or other comparable accounting systems.

“The Workbox system runs on the iPad and does not require an Internet connection which means it will be fast and always available, if you are on the road or on an airplane,” said Workbox founder and developer Bob Glass. “There are some good accounting systems on the market but they are usually expensive, require Internet connections and accountants and bookkeepers to decipher.  The system generates fast, accurate and professional looking invoices that can be printed or emailed directly from the iPad.”

The system tracks and bills hourly tasks, products sold, services provided, fees and expenses. Its rate cards allow flexible pricing for products and services. It also tracks client projects with hour and dollar budgets and provides notifications when budgets have been exceeded. 

For businesses that accept online payments, the system lets clients pay their bills via PayPal or major credit card. A full suite of reports is available including time analysis, expense analysis, billing, aged accounts receivable, client payments, sales tax and project tracking.

Glass claims the idea for Workbox came when he saw “how difficult it is for small businesses to manage their accounting in the middle of everything else they must do to survive and grow.”

Workbox users will be able to download thei app free from the Apple App Store and have unlimited access during a 90-day trial period. After that, users with five or fewer clients can continue to use the system free of charge. Users with more than five clients can purchase the premium version for $4.99 a month which allows an unlimited number of clients.